Thank you

Dear All,
As I am sure you are all quite aware, the last months have been extremely challenging for the restaurant business. For my part, I have made every effort to try and make OPPI’Z a success story. However, due to the Pandemic, skyrocketing inflation, abysmal Winter season, and all the other adverse situations we have encountered, I am unable to make OPPI’Z as successful as I had wished.
Therefore, it is with great regret I must inform all of you that OPPI’Z will be closed permanently.
Since we opened our doors on July 19, 2019, it has been a pleasure to serve the beautiful Santa Barbara community and its visitors from around the world. I will miss chatting with you and our most loyal customers with who we have built up authentic relationships over the years.
Obviously, I would be remiss if I did not mention all of the dogs who brightened each of my days with their joyful greetings. You will be missed too!

I would, thus, like to say: A big Thank You to all of you for giving me the honor to serve you
these past four years.

With much appreciation and gratitude,